Six egg-related myths debunked: Facts

Brooklyn Simmons

Myth: Eggs are bad for your heart due to high cholesterol. Fact: Dietary cholesterol in eggs has a minimal impact on blood cholesterol.

Myth: Only egg whites are healthy; yolks should be avoided. Fact: Egg yolks are rich in essential nutrients and antioxidants.

Myth: Brown eggs are more nutritious than white eggs. Fact: Shell color does not affect nutritional value; it's determined by the hen's breed.

Myth: Washing eggs removes their protective coating and makes them unsafe. Fact: Commercially washed eggs are safe, but proper handling is crucial.

Myth: Egg freshness can be determined by floating or sinking in water. Fact: Freshness is better determined by expiration dates and storage practices.

Myth: Eating raw eggs is safe and healthier. Fact: Raw eggs can contain harmful bacteria, so thorough cooking is recommended.

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