The 7 best places to live on the West Coast

Stockton, California: Ranked 148th on the Best Places 2023-2024 list, with a high cost of living and residents spending 27.8% of median income on housing.

Fresno, California: Ranked 146th, Fresno boasts affordability with a median home price of $430,711, but residents spend 28.12% of income on housing.

Modesto, California: Positioned at 145th, Modesto is a pricey area, requiring 27.6% of median income for the cost of living, with connections to the agricultural industry.

Salinas, California: Ranked 143rd, Salinas is the fourth-most expensive place to live, costing 30.41% of median income, known for its coastal areas and air quality.

Vallejo and Fairfield, California: Placed 142nd, this smaller metro area is considered less expensive than San Francisco, but residents still need 28.99% of median income for housing costs.

Los Angeles, California: Ranked 139th, Los Angeles metro area, with a population of over 18.6 million, is the second-most expensive on the list, requiring 31.33% of median income for living costs.

Sacramento, California: Positioned at 127th, Sacramento offers an average annual salary of $65,580, with a cost of living at 27.93% of the area’s median household income.