The 7 Deepest Lakes In The United States

Crater Lake, Oregon: Deepest lake in the U.S. at 1,949 feet, renowned for its pristine blue waters.

Lake Tahoe, Nevada/California: Second deepest at 1,645 feet, known for its pure water and stunning location in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Lake Chelan, Washington: Third deepest at 1,486 feet, situated in Chelan County with two basins and exceptional natural beauty.

Lake Superior, Michigan/Wisconsin/Minnesota: Largest of the Great Lakes, fourth deepest at 1,333 feet, containing 10% of the world's freshwater.

Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho: Fifth deepest at 1,150 feet, the largest lake in Idaho with a rich history dating back to the Ice Age.

Iliamna Lake, Alaska: Deepest lake in Alaska, reaching 988 feet, third largest lake entirely within U.S. territory.

Tustumena Lake, Alaska: Seventh deepest at 950 feet, accessible only via the Kasilof River, primarily used for game hunting and dog sled races.