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The 7 Largest Airports in the World in 2024

King Fahd International Airport: Located 19 miles northwest of Dammam, Saudi Arabia, it is the world's largest airport covering 192,000 acres.

Denver International Airport: Situated 25 miles from Denver, it is the second-largest airport globally, covering 52.4 square miles.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport: Spanning 27 square miles, it is the third-largest airport, strategically located between Dallas and Fort W

Orlando International Airport: Positioned six miles southwest of downtown Orlando, it is the fourth-largest airport globally, covering 21 square miles.

Dulles International Airport: Located 26 miles west of Washington, D.C., it ranks as the fifth-largest airport, covering 20.3 square miles.

Southwest Florida International Airport: Serving as a vital gateway to the southwest region of Florida, it is the sixth-largest airport in the U.S.

Beijing Daxing International Airport: Opened in 2019, it is the seventh-largest airport globally, covering an area of 46.6 square kilometers.