The 7 Largest Zoos in the United States in 2024

Phoenix Zoo: The Phoenix Zoo is the largest privately owned, non-profit zoo in the United States and the thirteenth largest zoo overall.

Detroit Zoo: In its first four months of operation, the modern Detroit Zoo welcomed almost 1.5 million visitors from the state of Michigan. It was established in 1928.

Los Angeles Zoo: One of the largest zoos in the United States is the Los Angeles Zoo, which is situated in southern California.

Henry Doorly Zoo: The largest zoo in the state and the tenth largest in the United States is the Henry Dooly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska.

National Zoological Park: One of the earliest zoos in the country was established in 1889 in Washington, D.C.; it is called the National Zoological Park.

Riverbanks Zoo and Garden: South Carolina's capital city, Columbus, is home to the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden. With nearly a million visitors annually, it's the biggest gated attraction in the state.

Brookfield Zoo: Located in Illinois, the Brookfield Zoo—also known as the Chicago Zoological Park—opened its doors in 1934.