The 7 most expensive states to go grocery shopping

Florida: Sunshine doesn't come cheap, especially when it comes to groceries. The Sunshine State tops the list with an average weekly spend of $287.27 per household, and Miami takes the crown for the most expensive city, averaging a whopping $327.89 per week.

Nevada: Feeling lucky in Nevada? You might need that luck to afford groceries. The state boasts the second-highest average weekly cost at $294.76.

Mississippi: While known for its hospitality, Mississippi might not be the friendliest to your wallet at the grocery store. Weekly bills average $290.64, making it the third most expensive state.

Washington: The beauty of the Pacific Northwest comes at a premium. Washington residents spend an average of $287.67 per week on groceries, with Seattle leading the charge at $287.67.

New Mexico: The Land of Enchantment might enchant your taste buds, but be prepared to enchant your wallet too. Weekly grocery bills average $286.39.

Texas: Everything's bigger in Texas, including grocery bills. Texans spend an average of $286.19 per week, with Houston being the second-most expensive city in the entire US for groceries, costing $302.65 per week. ️

Louisiana: The Big Easy might not be so easy on your wallet when it comes to groceries. Louisiana residents spend an average of $282.95 per week on groceries.