The 8 best character actors in television history

Camryn Manheim - Camryn Manheim is back in the spotlight on Law & Order. She's known for playing strong women on TV, like in The Practice and Ghost Whisperer.

Lance Reddick - Lance Reddick had a special presence on screen. He starred in shows like The Wire, Fringe, and Bosch, and had roles in others like Law & Order: SVU and John Wick movies.

Jennifer Coolidge - Jennifer Coolidge worked hard in TV before hitting it big with "The White Lotus." She's famous for roles in "American Pie" and "2 Broke Girls," and won two Emmys.

Herb Edelman - Herb Edelman, who passed away in 1996, became immortal as Stan Zbornak in The Golden Girls. He also appeared in other shows like Maude and Murder, She Wrote.

Lorraine Toussaint - Lorraine Toussaint, known for her roles on TV, like "Orange is the New Black," has won awards for her talent.

Kathryn Hahn - Kathryn Hahn is a popular actress known for her memorable roles in shows like Parks and Recreation and WandaVision. Now, she's getting her own series!

Denis O'Hare - Denis O’Hare is best known for his roles in American Horror Story and True Blood. He plays diverse characters, often with a dark side.

Nancy Walker - Nancy Walker found fame on TV, playing Rhoda's mom in "Mary Tyler Moore" and "Rhoda," and also in "McMillan & Wife" as Mildred. She later starred in "The Golden Girls" as Sophia's sister Angela