The 8 Most Dangerous Places to Live

Brazil: Expats describe an unsettling atmosphere of fear and constant vigilance due to high crime rates and social inequality.

South Africa: While offering a comfortable life, expats feel restricted by safety concerns, limited freedom of movement, and political instability.

Nigeria: Expats report feeling unsafe and restricted due to limited freedom of movement and the constant threat of danger.

Argentina: Safety concerns, economic instability, and unfriendly locals paint a challenging picture for expat life.

 India: Uncomfortable stares, harassment, and safety concerns, particularly for women, create a difficult environment for expats.

Peru: Difficulty integrating with locals, aggressive behavior, and mistreatment of women make Peru a challenging expat destination.

Kenya: Limited mobility due to safety concerns, scams targeting foreigners, and poor infrastructure create a frustrating experience for expats.

Ukraine: Expats grapple with corruption, lack of trust, and a legal system they perceive as ineffective and biased.