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The 9 biggest beauty trends for 2023

Y2K aesthetic continues in 2023 with metallics, glitter, and pastels. Holographic shadows and frosted details are in.

Y2K continues

Hair colours go warm as dimensional, natural shades take over - from Bella Hadid's Aspen blonde to Kim Kardashian's honeyed lengths.

Warmed-up hair colours

Skin glows in 2023 as radiance is applied for an otherworldly effect. Gucci's "Old Hollywood Flash" highlighter exemplifies this trend.

Retro flash makeup

Temporary face and body embellishments gain popularity in 2023, from gem-encrusted brows to surrealistic elements. 3D nail art also on trend.

Face and body jewellery

Eyeliner innovation reigns with double-take worthy looks, unexpected details, and new tech ensuring easy application and lasting results.

Lots of liner

Slim brows make a statement in 2023. Y2K skinny brows and bleached arches are trending.

Less brows, more fun

2023's makeup: natural skin reigns. Designer shows prioritize flawless complexions using highlighter, brush, and bronzer.

Skincare as makeup

Modern mullet shags are trending; wolf and octopus cuts inspire short hair experimentation.

Ever-evolving shags

2023's nail trend: polished manicures. Proper prep before the perfect colour, says Tom Bachik, Jennifer Lopez's nail artist.

Polished manicures