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The Top 10 Smartest Pets

They have superior levels of intelligence when compared to other species. Popular pet bird, African grey parrots talk, identify objects, distinguish colors, count.


Chimps are intelligent and empathetic but unsuitable as pets due to high intelligence and need for stimulation.


Pigs are smart, social, remember well, recognize others, rising in popularity as pets, and have even been shown to manipulate other pigs.


dogs are smart. Housebreaking, basic commands, and learning the rules of the house are typically mastered by most canines fairly quickly.


Rats and mice are intelligent and affectionate pets with complex communication and facial expressions.

Rats and Mice

Cats are smart; they learn tricks, recognize names, follow commands, and have good memory.


Horses are intelligent animals that can learn, problem-solve, and communicate with humans. They remember people and words and can understand tones.


Raccoons are intelligent problem-solvers compared to primates, creative and innovative trash can bandits.


Reptiles may not come to mind, but monitor lizards are highly intelligent. They work together, recognize owners, and can count.

Monitor Lizards

cunning city-dwellers with altruistic communication and deceptive food tactics.