The Top 7 Most Common Pet Injuries and How Much They Cost

Lacerations                                     Lacerations, often seen in active dog breeds, result from sharp objects like fences or nails. Treatment costs range from $400 to $1,200, emphasizing the importance of proper care to prevent infection.

Broken Toenails Broken nails occur when dogs catch their toes on objects, with treatment costs ranging from $300 to $800. Severe cases may require surgical nail removal to address significant injuries.

Bite Wounds Dog fights or exuberant play can lead to bite wounds, with non-surgical treatment costing $150 to several hundred dollars. Infections are a concern, particularly with outdoor cats, requiring timely veterinary care and potential surgical intervention.

Corneal Injuries Pets may scrape their eyes on environmental objects, necessitating treatment costs of $175 to $600 for corneal abrasions or ulcers. Professional care is essential to prevent permanent eye damage.

Sprains and Strains Sprains and strains from normal activity cost $50 to $500 to treat, with rest and anti-inflammatory medications usually sufficient. Severe cases may require surgery, with expenses reaching up to $4,000.

Broken Bones Puppies and kittens can break bones during play, with treatment costs varying based on fracture type and complexity. Surgery may be necessary, emphasizing the importance of a safe environment.

Broken Teeth Chewing on hard objects risks broken teeth, with costs starting at $700 for repair or extraction. Prevention, such as avoiding hard objects, is crucial to avoid costly dental injuries.