The Top 7 Tallest Buildings in Oklahoma

Devon Energy Center: Devon Energy Center is Oklahoma's highest building. This 2012 building beautifully depicts Oklahoma's metropolitan landscape. It's 844 feet tall in Oklahoma City. Devon Energy Centre has 50 corporate commercial office floors.

BOK Tower: The BOK Tower in Tulsa is Oklahoma's second-tallest building. The BOK Tower was Oklahoma's tallest structure for over 30 years after its 1976 completion. This 52-story structure rises 667 feet.

Cityplex Tower: The third-tallest building in Oklahoma is the stunning Cityplex Tower. The Cityplex Tower is a triad of buildings with a tall central skyscraper. The primary tower is 60 storeys and 648 feet tall, while the smaller towers are less threatening. It was built in 1979 in Tulsa.

First Place Tower: Naturally, Tulsa has many of Oklahoma's highest structures. The state's fourth-tallest building is First Place Tower. This 41-story, 516-foot structure dominates the Tulsa skyline. Because Cityplex Tower lies outside the city center, it's downtown Tulsa's second-tallest building.

Mid-Continent Tower: A vibrant turquoise roof makes the Mid-Continent Tower stand out on the Tulsa Skyline. Construction began in 1984 on Oklahoma's fifth-tallest structure. It's 36 floors and 513 feet tall, with unique architecture that enhances Tulsa's charm.

BancFirst Tower: The sixth-tallest skyscraper in Oklahoma is the gleaming BancFirst Tower. It is in Oklahoma City and is one of the top ten tallest structures in the state at 500 feet. BancFirst Tower is 36 floors and was built in 1971. From 1971 until 1975, this skyscraper was the state's highest!

First National Center: The First National Center is Oklahoma's seventh-tallest building. This historic Oklahoma City structure is 33 stories. It is one of the oldest buildings on our list, completed in 1931. After its construction, the First National Center was the state's tallest skyscraper for 50 years at 446 feet.