The Top 7 Wealthiest Counties in Mississippi 

Madison County

With the highest wealth index in Mississippi, Madison County boasts an average income of $37,558 annually, featuring notable residents and a focus on the medical field.

Lafayette County

Home to 18,702 households, Lafayette County has a median income of $59,748 and is known for its Cajun seafood and cultural offerings.

DeSoto County

Despite being wealthy, DeSoto County has a median income of $33,050 for single residents among its 188,633 population, known for its golf courses and fine dining.

Lamar County

With a median income of $67,972, Lamar County is known for beef and dairy farming, with notable residents like Lacey Chabert and a focus on forestry activities.

Rankin County

With an average household income of $68,310, Rankin County boasts nearly 60,000 households and is home to celebrities like Brett Favre, growing rapidly just below Jackson County.

Hancock County

With a mean household income of $58,196 and a focus on farming dating back centuries, Hancock County boasts almost 20,000 households and notable residents like Ripley A. Arnold.

Harrison County

One of the wealthiest counties in Mississippi, Harrison County has 80,191 households and a mean household income of $55,211, featuring prominent figures like Hale Boggs and Richie Brown.