The Top 8 Most Dangerous Cities in Europe in 2024

Rome, Italy: High crime index and safety concerns, particularly at night, make Rome one of the most dangerous cities in Europe.

Drogheda, Ireland: Drug-related issues and increased crime rates contribute to Drogheda's presence on the list.

London, United Kingdom: Alarming statistics, including a doubled homicide rate, make London a city with dangerous pockets and rising crime levels.

Brussels, Belgium: A travel advisory due to potential terrorist threats, along with increasing property crimes, raises safety concerns in Brussels.

Manchester, United Kingdom: Pothole-related road safety issues, coupled with a rise in public drug use and property crimes, contribute to Manchester's danger.

Malmo, Sweden: Despite its beauty, Malmo faces increasing crime, including violent offenses like armed robbery, especially at night.

Athens, Greece: While rich in history, Athens experiences rising crime, bribery, and issues like pickpocketing and taxi scams, urging visitors to exercise caution.

Paris, France: The U.S. Department of State and the Government of Canada issued travel advisories in 2023 due to increased terrorism threats, emphasizing caution for visitors.