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The Top 9 Largest Flying Birds in the World By Wingspan

Wandering Albatross: world's largest bird by wingspan (3.7m). They fly non-stop for hours and can travel up to 75,000 miles per year.

Wandering Albatross 12.1 feet

12-ft wingspan, lives in swamps/lakes across Europe, Asia, and Africa. Social bird that feeds in groups, eats fish, and other bird species' chicks.

Great White Pelican 12 feet

12-ft wingspan bird circumnavigates to lay eggs, eats fish, mates for life, shares parenting.

Southern Royal Albatross 12 feet

33lb bird from Mongolia and Russia with 12ft wingspan, eats fish, orange beak during mating season, found near Mediterranean.

Dalmatian Pelican 12-foot Wingspan

South Atlantic bird, 11ft wingspan, Gough Island breeding, mate for life, critically endangered, sexually mature at 10.

Tristan Albatross 11-foot Wingspan

Endangered, 19lb, 11ft wingspan, NZ breeding, lay eggs every 2 years, independent at 250 days, sexually mature at 7, shared responsibility.

Antipodean Albatross 11-foot Wingspan

National symbol of 5 countries, vulnerable, 29lb weight, soars not flaps, lives to 50, scavenger, dimorphism, no vocalization.

Andean Condor 11-foot Wingspan

10ft wingspan, endangered, increasing, conservation efforts, 16lb weight, feeds on fish, elaborate mating rituals, long-lived.

Northern Royal Albatross 10-foot Wingspan

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Marabou Stork 10-foot Wingspan