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These 8 Cities Have the Cheapest Mortgages in America Right Now

Decatur/Hartselle, Alabama: Decatur and Hartselle offer outdoor activities, cultural diversions, and affordability. Decatur benefits from the busy Tennessee River port and NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. Housing and living costs are 30% cheaper than the national average.

Charleston, West Virginia: Charleston, WV, offers a rich history, outdoor activities, and arts. It's tax-friendly, and housing costs 36% less than average. Fine arts, nature, and a lower cost of living make it an attractive option.

Rockford, Illinois: Known as the Forest City, Rockford boasts natural preserves and cultural attractions. The cost of living is 14.1% below the national average, with affordable housing and outdoor spaces.

Knoxville, Tennessee: Knoxville offers affordability across the board, with housing costs 25% below the national average. It's a mix of city and country living, home to the University of Tennessee and gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains.

Amarillo, Texas: Known as "The Yellow Rose of Texas," Amarillo offers savings on various goods and services. Housing costs are 36% below average, making it an economically favorable city.

Waterloo/Cedar Falls, Iowa: A manufacturing and agricultural center, this Iowa metro area provides outdoor and cultural activities. The cost of living is 14% below the national average, driven by significant savings on housing costs.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: As Oklahoma's largest city, Oklahoma City offers affordability, especially in housing costs, which are 33% below the national average. The city provides a mix of big-city attractions and job opportunities.

Anniston, Alabama: 1. Located east of Birmingham, Anniston boasts outdoor attractions and a lower cost of living. Major employers include the Anniston Army Depot, and housing costs are 36% below the national average.