Top 10  American Food

Chinese restaurants serve American fried chicken. Honey-ketchup-soy-garlic-sesame oil covers it. This year, General Tso's chicken wins Grubhub's survey. Chicken-flavored foods?

Sesame chicken

Food trivia: Chef Ignacio Anaya García invented this bar snack in 1943 when he mixed tortilla chips, cheese, and jalapeño peppers to feed hungry patrons. 


Japanese appetizers often include soy sauce, mirin, sesame, and yuzu juice. It's undoubtedly on US menus next to miso soup. A little science lesson on how it obtains that alien green color: Chlorophyll melts at a high temperature, leaving seaweed green. 

Seaweed salad

The World Championship Chili Cook-Off is one of the largest food competitions because people love chili. We love chili—Cincinnati-style, chili con carne, or Texas red.


Many Italian restaurants in the US serve the basil, mozzarella, and tomato pie, which folklore says originated in Naples. Pizza's origins are unclear, however Raffaele Esposito devised the pizza margherita in 1889 to celebrate Italy's unity and name it after Margherita of Savoy, Italy's queen. Pizzeria Brandi, t 

Pizza margherita 

You're not alone if you light up when a waitress asks if you want standard or sweet potato fries with that. George Washington Carver discovered over 100 new uses for the sweet potato (not to be confused with yams).  

Sweet potato fries 

Traditional quesadillas used masa tortillas with Oaxaca cheese. Currently, several versions of this Mexican dish use flour tortillas, Monterey Jack cheese, salsa, and avocado.

Cheese quesadilla

Chicken appears twice on this list because Americans eat eight billion chickens annually. The Scotch originated fried chicken, but a New Hampshire eatery invented chicken tenders.

Chicken tender

Citrus aids weight loss greatly. The best weight-loss fruit is oranges. Vitamin C-rich and fat-burning. Oranges are best for weight loss because vitamin C regulates metabolism.

Wonton soup