Top 10 Benefits Of Work From Home

Less time spent commuting

Working from home saves time by eliminating the daily commute, giving you more time for important tasks and activities.

benefit 1

Money Savings

Working from home half-time saves about $4,000/year on commuting, clothing, meals, and other related expenses.

benefit 2

More schedule flexibility

Remote work saves time on commuting and lunch breaks, and provides flexibility to remove some meetings from your calendar.

benefit 3

Positive Environmental Impact

Pre-pandemic, 3.9M half-time remote workers cut 3M tons of GHG emissions, $980M in oil, and 7.8B vehicle miles. Equivalent to 600K cars off the road for a year.

benefit 4

Ability to stay connected

WFH doesn't mean isolation. Stay connected with colleagues through apps and video conferencing. Set a goal to communicate with them daily.

benefit 5

Custom work environment

WFH lets you tailor your environment to boost productivity. Customize your desk, chair, noise level, view, and location to fit your needs.

benefit 6

Healthier choices and lifestyle

WFH offers more control over food choices and the ability to take breaks and stretch. This freedom leads to a healthier lifestyle overall.

benefit 7

Less time spent in meetings

Video/audio conference calls enable easy connection and document sharing for remote workers. They're often shorter than in-person meetings.

benefit 8

Change of scenery

Remote work means you can work from anywhere, even while traveling. This flexibility lets you change your environment and be more inspired without affecting your job.

benefit 9

Less need for sick days

WFH while sick is easier and allows for more vacation time if your company doesn't distinguish between sick and vacation days.

benefit 10