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Top 10 Best Street Foods In Asia

Discover the diverse and delicious street food of Asia, with 10 must-try dishes from across the continent, showcasing the region's culinary talent and passion for food.

Sri Lankan achcharu is a spicy, sweet and sour pickle made with local fruits and vegetables, seasoned with local spices and chili, such as Ceylon olives, wood apple, pineapple, and more.

Achcharu, Sri Lanka

Asam laksa is a sour fish-based soup from Malaysia, often served with rice noodles, vegetables, shredded fish, and coriander. It's a refreshing and popular local specialty.

Asam laksa, Malaysia

Banh mi, a classic Vietnamese sandwich with pork, pickled veggies, coriander, chili and pâté, is a uniquely Vietnamese creation influenced by the French baguette.

Banh mi, Vietnam

ATry Taiwan's famous bubble tea, also known as boba or pearl milk tea. The classic recipe calls for silky tea with tapioca balls, but now comes in many flavors

Bubble tea, Taiwan

Enjoy a Pakistani favorite with bun kebab – a delicious patty between seared buns. Try a potato-lentil patty or chicken, mutton, beef, or chickpea options with toppings like red onions, tomatoes, and yogurt dip.

Bun kebab, Pakistan

Cheong fun is a steamed rice roll filled with char siu, dried shrimp, beef or vegetables, then topped with soy, hoisin, peanut and chili sauces.

Cheong fun, Hong Kong

Chili crab is a must-try dish in Singapore that originated on the streets in the 1950s. The messy, but delicious crab is served with a chili-tomato sauce and fried mantou buns for scooping.

Chili crab, Singapore

Thai crab omelet, or kai jeow pu, is a must-try egg dish. With crispy edges, fluffy texture and sweet chili sauce, it's a match made in heaven.

Crab omelets, Thailand

Hong Kong's beloved street snack, fish balls, come in many varieties, but curry fish balls are a must-try.

Curry fish balls, Hong Kong

Gai daan jai, or egg waffles, are a beloved Hong Kong street snack. A light, sweet batter is cooked in a special waffle maker to create a crispy and airy texture.

Egg waffles, Hong Kong