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Top 10 Cat Breeds With Big Eyes

Cornish Rex

The Cornish rex, is known for its captivating triangular head and prominent oval-shaped eyes that can come in a variety of colors including gold, green, blue, brown, and hazel.


The Singapura is renowned for its tiny size and disproportionately large, expressive almond-shaped eyes in hazel, green, or yellow


The Persian cat breed, with its small, flat face, features prominent round eyes in striking blue, green, or copper colors that beautifully contrast with their long, fluffy coats, and they may also exhibit odd-eyes or heterochromia.

Russian Blue

The Russian blue cat, known for its triangular head and round, wide-set eyes that transition from yellow to green as they mature, is a top cat breed with captivating eyes.


The Abyssinian cat, known for its exotic appearance, features large and expressive almond-shaped eyes with angled corners, a unique thin dark line that encircles the eye, and typically light green or golden eye color.


The sphynx cat, known for its hairless skin and unique personality, captivates with its large, lemon-shaped eyes that have a wide-open center and come in various colors like icy blue, aqua, and green.


The Burmese cat shares the distinctive trait of large round eyes in bright green or shiny gold.


The Tonkinese cat is enhanced by large, rounded eyes in striking aqua, sky blue, violet, or gold colors, making them truly unique and eye-catching.


The ragamuffin, often confused with the ragdoll breed, is a long-haired breed with walnut-shaped eyes in all shades.

Scottish Fold

The Scottish fold, known for its distinctive folded ears, also has large, rounded eyes in copper, gold, blue, or green, which, along with its cute ears, give it an adorable appearance.

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