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Top 10 Creative Punishment Ideas For Your Kids

Grounding and confinement can cause them to rebel, which is ineffective in changing their behaviour.

Time In Instead Of Time-Out

Request that your child take the pet for a walk or run.  If you don't have a pet, you can have your child run around the garden or yard.

Take The Pet Out For A Run

If your child has been misbehaving and you want to punish them, extend their bedtime by five to ten minutes, or whatever you believe is appropriate.

Increase Bedtime

Each lesson is delivered by a slew of cute, colourful animals, and there are a slew of mini-games to help make learning more enjoyable. 

Make Them Serve Dinner

Instead of punishing or scolding your children if they have problems at school due to poorly written homework or class work, make sure they get enough practise at home.

Power Of Practice

When it comes to teaching children to behave well, consequence-based learning may be more effective than harsh punishment.

Hold That Tongue

For every time your child leaves the room in a shambles or fails to complete a responsibility, assign them a daily chore.

Chore In Return

If your children appear to fight frequently, ask them to establish a no-fight zone inside the house.  This is a type of reinforcement learning that can help your children learn about boundaries.

A No-Fight Zone

Instead of asking them to do it on the watch, set a timer and tell them that if the timer goes off before they finish, you will revoke some or all of their privileges.

Set A Time

When you need to punish someone, have them take out a chit and do whatever is written on it.  Because they can devise the creative punishments used, they feel like they are a part of the process.

Creative Choices