Top 10 Haircuts Men Love on Women

The Sleek Ponytail

A sleek ponytail is a hit with guys, conveying that you care without appearing too fussy, or that you're sporty. Take our word for it - men adore both.


Retro Bangs

I love the late '60s long bangs with longer hair look, like Mary Jane from Spider-Man. Rose Byrne's recent hairstyle has caught my eye with this style.


The Bob

Guys love the elegant and glamorous bob look, which has a unique ability to transport them to a bygone era, despite never experiencing it.


Tousled Waves

It's effortless, graceful, and unassuming - more akin to a summer in Provence than spending hours perfecting your hairstyle.


Vivid Hues

"Vibrant, warm hues catch my eye. While hairstyles change with trends and individuals, great hair color always stands out to me."


The Shag

"The almost-bed head look is incredibly alluring for reasons we all know."


A Pinned Side

Asymmetry is my thing. It's a classic style, but with a unique touch that accentuates your best features.


Long and Simple

"Longer hair is a must for me. Straight or slightly curled, but always in good condition. It's the epitome of femininity."


The Pixie

"An ultra-tight hairstyle can be alluring, but requires a lot of upkeep."


Soft Layers

"Long, layered hair is more captivating than straight cuts. Blunt styles seem outdated, and structured hair can be distracting, while loose waves give a relaxed, approachable look."


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