Top 7 Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners

Start with Base and Crease: Begin eye makeup with a clean base, emphasizing the importance of a dirt-free eyelid before applying eyeshadow.

Prime the Lids: Use eyelid primers or face primer dots to help makeup adhere properly and last longer on the eyelids.

Concealer for Dark Circles: Apply concealer to conceal dark circles, ensuring a longer-lasting eye makeup look.

Color Concealer: Invest in color concealers, like green for bluish veins, to address specific eye concerns and enhance makeup longevity.

Foundation Application: Apply foundation on the eyes to create an even skin tone before proceeding with eye makeup.

Highlighter for Eye Junction: Use a highlighter to separate the junction of the nose and eyes, particularly beneficial for those with small eyes.

Choose Eye Shadow Combinations: Select matching eye shadow colors based on the occasion, dress, and personal preferences, blending nearby shades for a harmonious look.