Top 7 Unusual  Poisonous Animals

Regent Whistler: Poisonous bird in Papua New Guinea with vibrant feathers; contains batrachotoxin, posing risks to predators and humans.

Rufous-Naped Bellbird: Another toxic bird in Papua New Guinea; unique coloration, eats toxic beetles, contains batrachotoxin in feathers.

Hooded Pitohui: New Guinea bird with neurotoxins in skin and feathers; potential defense against predators, sourced from toxic Choresine beetles.

Brush Bronzewing: Australian pigeon with toxic flesh; consumes poisonous Gastrolobium seeds, harming predators or scavengers.

Carolina Parakeet: Extinct U.S. parrot, possibly poisonous; diet included toxic cockleburs, protecting it from predators.

Pacific Newts: Genus Taricha newts along the Pacific coast; contain tetrodotoxin, lethal neurotoxin affecting nerve signals.

Garter Snake: Resistant to tetrodotoxin; feeds on Pacific newts and retains toxins, potentially harmful to predators.