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TV shows that inspire each zodiac sign to travel (First Six Signs)

The fast-paced competition and global travel itinerary align with Aries' adventurous and competitive nature.

Aries: The Amazing Race

The show's exploration of different cultures and cuisines caters to Taurus' love for food and comfort.

Taurus: Chef's Table

Gemini: Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain

The show's focus on cultural exploration and storytelling matches Gemini's love for learning and communication.

The show's exploration of different cities and cultures with a focus on personal growth resonates with Cancer's emotional and nurturing nature.

Cancer: Master of None

The show's grandeur and exploration of history and culture cater to Leo's love for luxury and attention.

Leo: The Crown 

The show's practical travel tips and focus on history and culture align with Virgo's analytical and detail-oriented nature.

Virgo: Rick Steves' Europe