World’s 7 Best Travel Destinations, Ranked

Cairo, Egypt: Home to the Egypt Museum, and soon the Grand Egyptian Museum, set to be the world's largest archaeological museum.

Coimbra, Portugal: Boasts the oldest university in Portugal, University of Coimbra, founded in 1290, with a mix of modern amenities along the riverfront.

Negev Desert, Israel: Beyond its stunning landscape, the Negev Desert features the Salad Trail, showcasing desert farming, and a new garden with endangered plants.

Maldives: Among the first countries to allow vaccinated visitors, planning to offer vaccines to tourists, providing access to its archipelagos and beaches.

Taipei: Home to cultural attractions like The National Center of Photography and Images, Taipei Performing Arts Center, and the world's first "urban quiet park," Yangmingshan National Park.

Sicily, Italy: Making top destination lists, Sicily offers subsidized hotel stays and museum visits, encouraging tourism with discounts during the pandemic.

Ljubljana, Slovenia: A haven for foodies, Ljubljana boasts six restaurants with seven Michelin stars and hosts Open Kitchens featuring gourmet foods from top chefs.