Zodiac Sign's Power Color

Aries color: Red

Red awakens Aries' soul and energises their passion, drive, and initiative. Its associations with excitement and assertiveness support Aries' drive for action and zest for life. Red demands attention —

Taurus color: Green 

Vibrant green stimulates Taurus’ spirit and maintains its connection to nature and progress. Green is a symbol of growth, just like the Bull's home in the verdant pastures, and Taurus is a sign of unwavering advancement.

Gemini color: Yellow

Inspiring yellow lifts Gemini’s spirit and triggers curiosity and brilliant thoughts. This inspiring and life-giving colour shines through in Gemini’s exciting, upbeat nature.

Cancer color: White and silver

Brilliant white and silver connect Cancer with its intuition and create a clean, clear slate. Like the shimmering surface of water or the brilliant face of the Moon, silver and white are colours of intuition and purity.

Leo color: Gold 

Glistening gold empowers Leo’s warm heart and strengthens its positive spirit. Gold has always been a symbol of authority and status because of its radiance and elegance. So it’s no wonder Leo

Virgo color: Green and brown

It is a good idea to have a backup plan in case the backup plan fails. Brown is a symbol of stability and complements the Virgin's deliberate and meticulous attitude to life.

Libra color: Pink and blue

Libra's heart is opened and softened by airy pink and bright blue. Libra's demeanour is peaceful and appealing because to their mild tones. Light blue, representing a gentle breeze, promotes clarity and equilibrium, while pink evokes Libra's lovely and caring nature.